A (not so) WISPy Lecture Day

Please find here the materials of the WISPy lecture day:

Please find the programm here

the presentations (as pdf-files) and streams (mp4-files) of the talks:
Introduction (Javier Redondo, MPI Munich) (presentation)
Motivation for WISPs from cosmology, astrophysics and particle physics

WISP Basics and Tools (Andreas Ringwald, DESY) (presentation) (stream)
Low energy effective field theory, Goldstone and Pseudo-Goldstone bosons, Abelian gauge bosons, mass generation via Higgs and Stückelberg mechanisms

WISP Phenomenology (Jörg Jäckel, IPPP Durham) (presentation) (stream)
Observable WISPy consequences derived from the low energy effective Lagrangian like oscillations, fifth forces, mini charged particles

WISP theories (and predictions) (Mark Goodsell, CERN) (stream)
Parameters of the low energy effective Lagrangian in different UV completions of the standard model in field and string theory, different possibilities to realize axions and other WISPs

An exemplary phenomenon: the TeV-photon transparency of the universe
- The environment: extragalactic background light (Martin Raue, Hamburg Uni.) (presentation) (stream)
- The observations: active galactic nuclei (Manuel Meyer, Hamburg Uni.) (presentation) (stream)
- WISPy explanations (Alessando Mirizzi,Hamburg Uni.) (stream)

list of all streams (please excuse that the first talk is missing because of technical problem): here

some Photos: here