PIER Helmholtz Graduate School


DOIT breakfast meeting with nobel laureate Prof. Ada Yonath (Department of Structural Biology, Weizmann Institute of Science)
Location:  Cafeteria
iCal Fri - October 31, 2014
from 09:30h to 11:00h

PIER Photon Science Colloquium: Deciphering molecular virus-host interactions by an integrated structural cell biology approach
Speaker: Kay Grünewald, University of Oxford, UK and CSSB, Hamburg, Germany
Location:  CFEL, Bldg. 99
iCal Fri - October 31, 2014
from 13:30h to 14:30h

PIER Photon Science Colloquium: Probing atomic orbitals in heavy-fermion compounds with X-rays
Speaker: Andrea Severing, Universität zu Köln
Location:  CFEL, Bldg. 99
iCal Fri - October 31, 2014
from 15:00h to 16:00h

German B1/B2
Location:  O1.160
iCal from 2014-10-31, 16:00h
to 2015-01-16, 17:30h

Insight into superconductivity from many-body theory and numerical methods
Speaker: Emanuel Gull, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Location:  Sem. room 2
iCal Thu - November 13, 2014
from 16:30h to 17:30h

PIER Colloquium
Speaker: Brian Foster, DESY/University of Hamburg
Location:  DESY Auditorium
iCal Tue - November 25, 2014
from 16:30h to 18:30h

Meeting of PhD representatives
Location:  SR 7a, 11 a.m., building 7
iCal Wed - December 03, 2014
from 11:00h to 12:00h

PIER Kommissionssitzung
Location:  Turmzimmer, Mittelweg 177
iCal Fri - December 12, 2014
from 10:00h to 12:00h

Women's Career Day 2015
Location:  430-432 and 430-434 (4th floor)
iCal from 2015-02-20, 09:00h
to 2015-02-21, 17:00h